Unofficial Velleman K8055 Resources

GitHub repository for Software

This is my GitHub repository for all Open8055 related software. It contains the source code for an HID bootloader, firmware that can be loaded into the PIC via the bootloader, the code for a client side access library, example programs and documentation.

To download a complete copy of the latest source code, simply click on the "ZIP" button. This is source code, so you will need all the development utilities to build the hex files, the DLL and the example programs.

Development Tools and Resources

Here is a list of development tools that will be needed to compile and/or load the software into your converted K8055 card. Since this is an Open Source Project, I only included freely available resources here so that everyone will be able to modify the code and build their own firmware. Feel free to use any substitute that is already at your disposal.

    The Microchip MPLAB development environment for their PIC microcontrollers. The current code requires version 8.89 or later.

  • PIC18 C Compiler
    The Microchip C compiler for PIC18 family MCUs. This project uses memory settings that allow you to use the free Lite version of the compiler. The current code requires version 3.44 or later.

  • Microchip Application Libraries
    The Microchip Example and Demo code, the HID bootloader and firmware are based on. The code was derived from v2012-10-15.

  • MinGW and MSYS
    The Minimalist GNU for Windows C compiler and System Utilities. These are needed to compile the client library (OPEN8055.DLL). To build the command line utility, msys-flex and msys-bison also need to be installe via the mingw-get utility.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition
    Needed to compile the VC++ 2008 demo program.

  • GIT for Windows
    This one is VERY OPTIONAL. I am not going to give a big introduction to source code repositories or version control systems here. After living in Unix Land for over 25 years, I just got so used to them that I can't live without them anymore. You probably want this if you want to try out experimental branches pushed to the GitHub repositories of other developers.

Reqiured Hardware

To use Open8055 you need a K8055N or K8055 card, an empty PIC18F25K50 or PIC18F2550 microcontroller and a suitable PIC programmer. If you have none of that, I would suggest getting a K8055N kit, a PIC18F25K50 or PIC18F2550 chip and a PicKit3 or compatible programmer. This is by far the easiest way to get started. With this combination you don't need to make any modifications to the PCB (except to exchange IC3 in the socket). The bootloader code can be programmed into the chip over the ICSP header on the K8055N from within the MPLAB IDE.

If you want to use an existing K8055 board, you have two choices. You can use a PIC18F25K50 and remove resistor R35, or you use a PIC18F2550, remove resistor R35 and exchange the crystal with a 4 MHz one. Unfortunately the K8055 has no ICSP header, so you will need a PIC programmer with a socket or build a simple ICSP setup on a breadboard. This isn't as bad as it sounds. A PicKit3 programmer can provide power, so this is basically a breadboard with a few wires. The bootloader code only has to be programmed into the chip once. After that, everything works via USB.